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A journey towards Self


Born in Chablais Vaudois, my childhood was rocked by many daydreams. Continually in my world, I have always loved beautiful images in my books. It was natural that drawing quickly became part of my life. However, it was the profession of pharmacy assistant that I chose and it was alongside my work that I began my artistic journey.

Many courses, for a little less than 10 years, in an artist's studio, trained me. There I learned drawing, using a right-brain method, color theory and the basics of painting. Then I made some master copies to learn different ways of painting. After having acquired these technical bases, I wanted to create my own works, but I found myself blocked in my creativity by fear and lack of self-confidence. So I began a major phase of self-exploration, liberation and learning methods of pure expression, through drawing, painting and Indian ink. And my art began to emerge. Other internships and courses were very important to complete my knowledge: use of powder pigments, Indian ink and mixed techniques, watercolor and illustration of stories.

I am currently attending graphic designer school with a specialization in publishing design in order to be able to push my areas of creativity even further.

In 2014, my training as a geobiologist was a crucial step, it allowed me to connect my clair-senses, my intuition and I began to consciously develop my energetic feelings. Other training followed, including the reading of Akashic memories, and initiations, including unitary shamballa Reiki, which strongly awakened me to other planes and allowed the opening of my mediumistic channel.

From then on, channeling became an integral part of my practice, both in painting and in accompaniment.

Artistically then begins a new path, that of the materialization of the subtle world that I perceive. I work for an art of the heart, luminous and conscious.

And today...

Art and transmission

Art and support, this is how I work today. Each of my lessons has found its full meaning and I am happy that my mission of transmission is flourishing.

Also active in the Ré-Visionnaire Art collective, I campaign for the dissemination of luminous works carrying an energy of renewal. The influence and contribution of art in the construction of a new society can now be fully revealed. The increasingly sensitive human being is touched in a profound way by a work which is a vehicle of an energy of love.


Contact me

En Tronchet 29
1853 Yvorne

+4179 536 45 98

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